Why Florimstone

When nature meets technological innovation comes FLORIM stone, a porcelain stoneware surface suitable for the most diverse application solutions.

The FLORIM stone brand combines the performance and functionality of porcelain stoneware with maximum versatility in customising spaces.

In fact, furnishing operators can count on numerous finishes and materials to satisfy all application needs without having to compromise. FLORIM slabs comply with high technical and aesthetic parameters and are available in a single large size (over 320x160cm) and in three thicknesses: 6, 12 (both reinforced with glass fibre) and 20 mm.

Architectural solutions for exteriors and interiors

For internal or external use, FLORIM stone architectural solutions can be placed horizontally or vertically, such as the kitchen tops, sinks, bathrooms, doors, ensuring maximum creative, aesthetic and chromatic versatility in furnishing.

FLORIM stone offers freedom of choice and a high degree of customisation according to the style and design sought, thanks to a vast assortment of slabs with different inspirations.

Material quality

The quality of the material, attention to detail and  the ease of transformation are the characteristic elements of FLORIM slabs; the result of over fifty years of experience and technological and aesthetic research.

Made with a natural blend of selected ceramic clays and mineral colors, FLORIM slabs are unalterable over time and stain-resistant, resistant to high temperatures, UV rays and atmospheric stress, scratchproof, completely waterproof, hygienic and easy to clean.

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